Galaxy S6 edge

Creative exquisite intelligence that captivates

Inspired by artists and craftsmen glassmakers iron artisans, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is the perfect combination of glass and metal. Thus, due to the world’s first display with both edges rounded shapes and curved glass surface that reflects a wide range of bright colors, it becomes a design statement in the field.


Interactions wider permits your new phone

Add a little color to your interactions with the new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. Signals in different colors Top 5 contacts and select the color corresponding to call, send messages or emails. Thanks notifications based on color, it’s easy to see who contact you even if your device is upside down.

Aperture improved further clarity to photos

Both camera on the front and on the back of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge with improved resolution and F1.9 aperture, allow you to create images with more clarity wherever you are. Click the Home button twice to put the camera into operation automatically. So you’ll never miss an important moment.

Fast charge

No longer worry about the battery because thanks to ultra-fast charging you can charge your Samsung Galaxy S6 edge 1.5 times faster than any previous models. Wireless recharging function makes it compatible with a lot of devices. The charging and operation differs depending on the individual user. The battery can last more than two hours if you watch movies on HD or higher resolution.

Performance without comparison

With the fastest startup and application launch, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge offers unprecedented results, enriched and efficiency energetica.Configuratia LPDDR4 and 64-bit GPU delivers advanced performance really strong, enabling multitasking functions and multimedia optimized.

Brilliant displaySamsung-Galaxy-S6-Edge-screen-settings-DSC08584

Equipped with display 5.1 “Quad HD (2560 x 1440) Super AMOLED, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge ensure accuracy impeccable image, a unique experience and visual clarity without competition that adapts both inside and outside. Pixel density and improved function of brightness make each image to be rendered superbly wherever you are.

Now it’s easy and quick to make mobile payments

Shopping is easier than ever, thanks payment application integrated phone Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, compatible with NFC and barcode. You will enjoy a simple and stable application use, whatever payment method you choose. High security: Enjoy a level of security unmatched security solutions due to high efficiency of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge: KNOX, fingerprint reader.

Samsung Electronics was created in 1969 as a division of the mammoth Korean so-called “chaebol” Samsung Group. The division was established to introduceSamsung industry with strong growth atelevizoarelor AND consumer electronics.  Company’s first product was a TV diagonalamica, simple, black and white, which began selling in early 1970. The product, SamsungElectronics gradually developed various product lines which were first sold on the domestic market and later aND export. Specialty company initially had fosttelevizoarele color.

In 1980, Samsung in its manufacturing and export around the world a wide range of consumer electronics. Although Samsung Electronics has been explosive growth in the years 1970 and 1980, this has not surprised those familiar with the Samsung group, whose knowledge in all fields the same development. Samsung Electronics Company is the principal subsidiary of Korean giant Samsung Group and is one of the largest electronics manufacturers in Asia and the world. Products built by Samsung Electronics include audio-video equipment, telecommunications equipment and computers.